Environmental Considerations: Topnotch Lighting for Cannabis Growth

Horticulture is a science dealing with vegetables, fruits, and other plants that are beautiful to look at or are otherwise useful. Cannabis is one of the highly useful plants a horticulturist could grow, although it is not as widely acceptable to do so as are potatoes or mums. The cultivation of this medicinal herb has been taken up by many, both personally and industrially, and is a science in itself. There are numerous environmental factors to consider in the proper growth of the cannabis plant, also known as marijuana, including nourishment, temperature, and lighting. Lighting may be the single-most important factor to study in the quest to grow marijuana. But why would an individual or business desire to grow cannabis in the first place?

Cannabis Uses

The use of this leafy plant in medicine has a rich history. Centuries ago, Chinese doctors combined it with wine to use as anesthesia. The Chinese also used different parts of the cannabis plant to treat blood clots, tapeworm, constipation and more. The Egyptians applied the herb to hemorrhoids. Ancient Indians used it for insomnia, headaches and beyond. More recently, the medicinal qualities of two chemicals in the plant, CBD and THC, have been found useful to treat, protect or reduce the effects of experiences like pain, PTSD and other anxieties, nausea, Parkinson’s, arthritis, glaucoma, Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, Alzheimer’s and many, many more medical issues. In fact, people who occasionally use marijuana seem to have more well-regulated blood sugar and responses to sugar in their diet and healthier body responses to metabolizing food in general.

Environmental Factors for Growth

As mentioned above, there are several environmental considerations when growing this medicinal herb. Lighting is probably the issue that needs the most attention. As an industrial or personal grower of marijuana, the quality of one’s grow lights can make the difference between a high yield crop or a low yield one. Horticulturists who specialize in cannabis want to be sure the right amount and kind of light get to every part of their plants from top to bottom leaves. They tend to need led grow lights to make this happen. Growers want to be sure their lights are the right distance from the plants, as well as shine the right intensity and spectrum to positively affect their plants’ leaf and stem size and general productivity. Growers have a chance to produce a high quality crop by adjusting their lighting to their needs and the needs of their plants.

LED Grow Lights are integral to the production of quality marijuana plants. Growers need special engineering that allows them to simulate lighting cycles that promote their plants’ growth. They need a lighting fixture that will stand up to dirty, damp and wet surroundings without components that overheat or corrode. Earnest cannabis horticulturists need marijuana grow lights that allow them to accurately mimic the sun’s spectral power distribution to the entirety of their plants. SpecGrade LED’s OpticPar Technology, a leader in the business of quality grow lights, is a first-class consideration.


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